I'm a natural born gifted psychic reader and advisor,  I've been giving readings for   Majority   of my life.  I have well over 20  years of experience. Having my spiritual gift has lead me meet an greet with so many amazing wonderful people!!  It’s truly an honor,  guiding and advising others  I’m so thankful that god has blessed me to help and bring peace around as many different individuals as I possibly can!!  .  Threw my 3rd eye  chakra,   I’m able to connect  with the universe,  allowing my self to interact with your spirituality and provide you with a full detail reading. I do pick up on all matters in life such  as ...... past ,  present,  future  , love ,  marriage business ,  career,  choices  I see your lucky days lucky numbers and much more !!!  .  My roll as a psychic is to   grant you with as many answers as possible giving  you clarity  .. closure  .. also peace at mind. I am a nun judgmental psychic an very honest,  if your looking for some one to give you guidance,  on any situation or advice on what path to take I am hear to help !!  some things don't always go as  you planned them too..  or you get these high hopes an expectations ,  for certain situations that  your outcome turn out  being  the opposite of what you expected ...  and most of the time losing track of time happens quite often when trying to Focus on making the right decisions , everybody has their ups and downs  but with god and  all our spiritual  angels I can reassure you there is a light at the end of ever tunnel!!!  with just your name,  an date of,  birth we can together connect spiritually on your journey to your happiness thank you so much hope to hear from you soon!! -nichole

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