Palm readings:
A palm reading  gives you information about yourself . Based on the lines of your palms I’m able to connect with your energies and see what’s coming towards your future

Tarot card reading‘s:
Having a tarot card reading will pick up on other individuals around you such as friends , family  & loved ones  if you’re looking to find out information about a certain individuals in your life  ? want to know what he or she is thinking? Or looking to fine out if a certain individual is heading on the right path ?

Universal  readings :

Having a universal reading will pick up on your energies  focusing on your surroundings and seeing what path is right for you . Confused about a certain situation ? Don’t know if you’re making the right decision?  Needing  some clarity and understanding for what your future holds? Having a universal reading will connect with the universe allowing me to feel your energies focusing on your destiny placing you on your spiritual path toward your happiness  

Full life readings:

Full life reading answers all questions  a Full life reading is our combination reading : palms ) cards ) universals )  gets into full detail about yourself also individuals  circling around you picks up on all matters in life such as past present future love marriage business  relationships love in sight and much more!!   

Meditation sessions:

having a meditation sessions will allow your body to relax letting out the negatives and absorbing the positives  

Chakra balancing:

chakra balancing will give you the energy your mind body and spirit needs  in meditation we will connect together spiritually focusing on all seven of your chakras seeing what chakras  you need to be Aline.

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